Nautilus launches new CoreBody Reformer: combines yoga, Pilates and dance

26 Oct

Nautilus’ newly launched CoreBody Reformer combines pilates, dance and yoga for a full body workout that focuses on the abs. Photo By CoreBody Reformer website

In order to reach a mass audience in a struggling economy Nautilus released a new workout machine, the CoreBody Reformer.

Pilates, dance and yoga moves are used to target your core as you use the machine.

At $279 the CoreBody Reformer is more affordable than other products by Nautilus, such as the BowFlex Classic Home Gym ($649) or the TreadClimber TC20 ($3,299), in order to cater to the downtrodden economy.

“It definitely fits the budget better, just by virtue of the price,” said Nautilus CEO Bruce Cazenave in an interview for The Columbian.

Cazenave also said that regardless of how the economy was faring the price would remain the same to reach its target consumer.

How it works

•Pilates exercise improve strength
•Yoga improves flexibility
•Dance moves increase cardio

The device is shaped like a T and lies on the floor. Two bands extend from it with handles to workout your arms and legs.The machine is made for you to stand, sit, stretch or straddle it to exercise.

The advertisement states that you’ll get results in “30 days or less.”

CoreBody Reformer includes

•Four workout DVDs
•Flashcards that illustrate exercises
•Weight loss plan
•A poster to track your progress
•A blue washable cover
•Carrying strap

As showcased by the Reebok lawsuit over false advertising, you can’t always believe what you’re told, so it’s best to listen to those who have tried the product.


So far reviews have been positive.

“I have lost 25 pounds. In six weeks I lost 15 pounds. Eat right and work out on you CBR for 45min. five days a week. It really works!” wrote Yvette Navaro on facebook.

“Its quite the workout and a lot of fun. I know what I’m getting myself for christmas,” commented Amber Raymond Towle on Facebook.

But according to the Fit Bottomed Girls website, though the exercises are fun and effective, the CoreBody is awkward to move. The pulleys also have no resistance to build on as you get stronger using the machine.

“Just like anything, you have to use it. The CoreBody Reformer is the tool, but you have to do the work,” wrote Jenn on the website.


2 Responses to “Nautilus launches new CoreBody Reformer: combines yoga, Pilates and dance”

  1. Tanya October 31, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    I left a comment on the fit-bottomed girls website, because I do believe they’re incorrect about the resistance not being able to be adjusted. There is a button on the pulleys that allows the user to choose from three different levels of resistance. I’ve tried this product and really like it–I really don’t want to go jiggle in front of other people in a gym 🙂 and this lets me work out at home, at my pace of learning. (I’m one of those uncoordinated people who takes a bit to figure out a new exercise routine). The moves are fun and so far I’ve been really impressed with the results.

    • khethiwerudd November 1, 2011 at 3:45 am #

      Thank you Tanya for your comments. It’s nice to know that people are reading what I put out there. That’s strange that Fit Bottomed didn’t notice the resistance levels, since they tried the product. I appreciate you letting me know that. As a fitness junkie myself I also definitely have products at home to help me workout when I don’t want to go to the gym. It does at times feel like there’s an audience. Have a great Halloween Night!

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