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Fit and Fab News has moved

13 Dec

Hello to all of my beautiful visitors.

In order to upgrade and expand my website I have moved this blog to a different host. Please click here to visit the new website.

Have a fit and fab day!

No more excuses: tips to make exercising easier

12 Dec

Cruise Gym

 photo credit: atlantankenghoe, flickr

Anybody who tells you that they have never felt like skipping the gym or in fact made up excuses not to go, are lying to you.

Heck I’ve talked myself out of a lot of workouts. Some excuses being:

I worked out yesterday.”

“My gym clothes are too fugly to exercise in.”

“I’d rather go eat ice cream.”


Well the first thing to remember is that we are all human and everybody slips up once in a while, especially when about to do something you know may hurt in the morning. Secondly, all you can do is get back on the treadmill.

Top Tips to Make Going to the Gym Easier

1. Always keep gym clothes in the car: One of the top reasons I duck out of hitting the gym is I didn’t bring my workout gear with me and don’t feel like going home to pick them up. Out of respect for your fellow gym-goers, keep a clean change of clothes with you.

2. Marry trips to the gym with other regular activities: For example, I make a point of going to the gym on my way home from work. One reason being that my gym is directly on route home so I’m not wasting gas and time. Also, I’m more likely to workout while I’m busy, versus going home, making dinner, relaxing for an hour and then trying to workout.

3. Fuel yourself before the gym: I know I’ve pulled the “I’m hungry” card when trying to dodge the gym. To prevent feeling drained always pack two lunches before you leave the house. The second meal you can whip out to satisfy yourself before or after a workout. Make sure you’re eating healthy food not junk.

4. Track your workouts: This is a biggie for me. I literally bought a Sports Illustrated calender. One benefit is that I’m inspired by the buff, beautiful, babes each month (My boyfriend finds this hilarious). I also mark down what days I have exercised. This way you can see how much or how little you’re working out and adjust to your goals.

5. Exercise a little every day: Let’s face it, some days it’s impossible to get to the gym, that’s why I promise to exercise at least a little no matter where I am. Squats, pushups, sit ups and planks can be done at home, school or at a hotel. Doing a little each day keeps me motivated and strong between gym sessions.

Follow these tips and you’ll be hitting the gym more than you ever knew you could.

What helps you get to the gym?