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Staying trim post Halloween: diet and exercise tips

2 Nov

So you’re sitting on your living room floor Halloween night, surrounded by Mars Bars and Kit Kat candy wrappers.

Binging on chocolate one night of the year is admissable but now that the haunted houses have been dismantled and the month of November begins, how do you stop the carnage?

It’s inevitable that you may stumble across these snack-sized treats  post Halloween and the temptation to have just one may overwhelm you, (as it has certainly overwhelmed me) but immediately afterwards you feel guilty.

You fell off of the wagon, now here’s how to get back on.

Firstly eat Halloween smart

All of the following diet tips are courtesy of Fitness guru Angela Ramos, who was quoted in an article on the Crown Point Community website.

  1. Avoid eating many snack-size candy bars. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re good for you.
  2. Bake your own healthy goodies instead of eating chocolate.
  3. Only buy enough candy for one day, don’t leave any lying around.
  4. If you must have candy, have one in the morning and one at night. Skip desserts that you would normally eat.
  5. Lastly if you eat junk food don’t dwell on it, just move forward positively.
Exercise more after junk-food
Ramos also said to increase your daily exercise by 30 minutes to get rid of the unwanted calories.
According to an article on fitness website DailyBurn Life, there are a few exercises that target the entire body without spending hours in the gym.
  • Push ups workout all parts of the arm including the shoulder and elbow joints.
  • Deadlifts, though they sound painful, are great for the lower body. Maintain proper form, get into a squatting position, grab the weight and lift it off of the ground using your lower body not your back.
  • Military Press is an exercise in which you raise a bar over your head and move it up and down. It resembles a chin up except that the bar is moving, not your body. I would recommend getting a partner for this exercise if you are a beginner.
  • Medicine Ball Woodchoppers is an exercise for the core. Grab a medicine ball at a weight that you feel comfortable working with and begin with your legs spread more than shoulder width apart and the ball in front of you between your hands. Move the ball to your left foot then lift it in front of you and up to your right hand side as high as your arms will reach. Your body twists as you do the exercise. Switch sides afterwards.
  • Cardio is a key component to any workout, so try jumping rope or doing burpees.

    Halloween candies make dieting and staying in shape harder than it has to be. Experts share tips on staying lean after the spooky holiday. Photo By http://flic.kr/p/5z83ovrespres

Now you have all of the tools to keep healthy and trim post Halloween.

But remember before embarking on a new diet and fitness plan consult a physician.

Let me know how you stay healthy after Halloween.